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International students at CMU...

For the 2019–20 academic year, CMU has registered approximately 110 international students from 32 different countries.


Click to Review 2020-21 International Student Tuition Rates (effective September 2020)

CMU greatly values the addition of students from other

into the diverse environment that is the CMU community.

CMU's International Student Handbook is available with specific information pertaining to International students.

For more information on programs for International students, please contact the Coordinator of International and Accessibility Programs.


Orientation for International Students

CMU recognizes that the transition to Canada and to post-secondary education can be challenging for new international students.

International students are encouraged to participate in the international student orientation and other campus orientation events. Discover opportunities to understand a little of Canadian culture, develop a connection with other students and to get to know the CMU campus.

Details of the next orientation session will be posted when available.


International Student Leadership

International Student Council (ISC)

The International Student Council works to raise awareness of the presence of international students on campus, provides a voice for international students and strives to address the issues that this community faces during their time at CMU. International Student Council leaders assist in planning orientation and providing programming and events on campus throughout the year that support the mission of the International Student Council.

International Student Mentors (ISM)

International Student Mentors are assigned to each new international student when they arrive for orientation. These student leaders assist new students in navigating the various items associated with beginning university and moving to Canada.

Health Insurance for International Students

New international students should click here for information on how to enroll and pay for health insurance.

All international students are automatically enrolled in the health insurance plan provided by during their studies at CMU. has provided health insurance to international students since 1998.

How do I enroll in the more plan?
The Coordinator of International Student Programs will enroll all international students. You will receive a digital card through your personal email that includes your personal policy/identification number. Make sure to download the card to your phone or print a copy for your wallet.

When do I have to pay for my health insurance?
Payment for the health insurance fee is required prior to the commencement of classes. See below for payment dates:

  • August 1 – Undergraduate and Graduate students starting courses in September
  • November 1 – Undergraduate and Graduate students starting courses in January
  • May 1 – Graduate students starting courses in June
  • July 1 – Graduate students starting courses in August

What does the plan cost?
The cost of the plan is $789/student annually.  The fee must be paid each year according to your initial start date at CMU.

What happens if I do not pay by the payment date?
Payments not received by the payment deadline will result in a student being placed on financial hold restricting registration consistent with CMU tuition and fee payment policy. For students already registered in classes they will be de-registered if the health insurance fee is not paid.

How do I pay?
Please refer to the Student Payment Policy for payment options. 

How do I know what my health insurance benefits include?
All information regarding your plan is available at Students should create a account that gives access to benefits and claims information.

For further explanations of your benefits and to learn how to submit claims, please contact  

What if I have purchased health insurance independently?
Enrollment in the more plan is mandatory for all international students. 

One exception to the required health insurance is for those international students who can show proof that they are covered by MB Health prior to the enrollment date. You will be required to show a letter from Manitoba Health prior to the date your health insurance payment is due in order to be considered for exception. 

My family has come to Canada with me. Are they covered under the health insurance?

Spouses and/or dependents are not covered by the health insurance plan that you have purchased through CMU. However, you can add your family to your health insurance plan. For the lowest cost, the student can enroll family members within 30 days of receiving confirmation of their own enrollment. Later enrollment will result in higher fees for family members.

It is the student's responsibility to enroll family members. Please contact for additional information about adding family members.

Pregnancy Coverage – please take note of the policy wording regarding pregnancy for students or their spouses. "Where pregnancy commences after the Effective Date of this Policy, or within the 30 days prior to the Effective Date, when this Policy is purchased at the time of enrollment in a college or university, pre-natal care, childbirth and newborn care (up to age 15 days) are covered up to a combined Benefit Maximum of $25,000. The insurance must be in effect for the entire term of the pregnancy. Serious complications due to pregnancy are covered up to an additional maximum of $25,000. Serious complications do not include normal conditions of pregnancy including but not limited to morning sickness, spotting, ultrasounds, blood and urine testing, including testing for gestational diabetes." (taken from Drug Card Policy)

Updated April 15, 2019

Payment Information

CMU has partnered with Flywire (a money transfer service) to help international students make easier payments for tuition and room & board. Payment can be made directly from your home country to your student account. For further information, please view CMU's payment policy.

Immigration Information

Click here for more information about Study Permits, Temporary Resident Visas, Post-Graduate Work Permits, Co-Op Work Permits, etc.

Work Permits

International students are permitted to work temporarily while they are studying. For more information regarding work permits, please review the Government of Canada's guidelines.


Working On Campus

In general, a valid Study Permit allows an international student to work on campus only at the institution where he/she is registered as a full-time student. CMU offers a variety of on campus employment opportunities. Students must apply and interview for these jobs. To see a listing of on campus employment opportunities click here.

To qualify to work on-campus without a Work Permit, an international student must:

  • be registered with full-time status
  • have a valid Study Permit
  • work on the campus where he/she is a full-time student
  • obtain a SIN (Social Insurance Number) prior to beginning employment

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