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Residence Council

The Residence Council consists of the Residence Director, Senior Residence Assistant and Residence Assistants. This council meets on a weekly basis to discuss issues and concerns related to community life in the dormitories and apartments. This council seeks to find ways to enhance the overall experience at CMU.


Commuter Council

The Commuter Council consists of the Coordinator of Commuter Programs and the Commuter Assistants (CAs). The council meet on a regular basis to discuss issues and concerns that relate to the commuter students of CMU. CAs are committed to creating opportunities through which commuters are able to gather together and interact with other students, staff, and faculty. The CAs also work to serve the commuter student population through advocacy, orientation to the CMU campus, and general assistance.


Fellowship Group Leaders

Fellowship group leaders are responsible for facilitating fellowship groups which are small groups of students who meet weekly for the purpose of growing in relationship with God and each other. Fellowship group members care for one another through sharing and prayer.  They study the Bible, worship together, do service projects, and have social events, depending on the nature of the group.  Fellowship group leaders have a mature Christian commitment, strong interpersonal skills, and sincerely care about the spiritual well-being of their peers.  They receive support and resourcing from the Spiritual Life Facilitator and the other fellowship group leaders at monthly leaders' meetings. 

International Student Leadership

International Student Council (ISC)

The International Student Council works to raise awareness of the presence of international students on campus, provides a voice for  international students and strives to address the issues that this community faces during their time at CMU. International Student Council leaders assist in planning orientation and providing programming and events on campus throughout the year that support the mission of the International Student Council.

International Student Mentors (ISMs)

International Student Mentors are assigned to each new international student when they arrive for orientation.  These student leaders assist new students in navigating the various items associated with beginning university and moving to Canada.

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