Undergraduate Studies

Registering for Courses

2019-2020 Undergraduate Registration Guide


For your first year at CMU you may choose courses freely according to your interests or to fit the program of study you expect you will pursue. However, there are a few requirements you must meet.

Within your first 18 credit hours you must register for:

  1. Biblical and Theological Studies (BTS) – at least 3 credit hours
  2. Courses other than BTS – at least 3 credit hours

Within your first 30 credit hours, you must register for:

  1. BTS – at least 6 credit hours, including:
    • One of: BTS-1110 Biblical Literature and Themes, BTS-1120 Encountering the Bible, OR BTS-1130 Introducing Jesus: An Overview of the Christian Bible
    • One of: BTS-2000 Introduction to Christianity, BTS-2420 Exploring Christian Spirituality, BTS-2550 History of Christianity, BTS-2720 Theologies of the Global South, OR BTS-2750 Introduction to Christian Ethics
  2. Courses other than BTS – at least 12 credit hours
  3. ACWR-1010 Writing for Academic Purposes OR a course with the Academic Writing designation "W"

Within your the second 30 credit hours, you must register for

  1. BTS or Integrative Studies – at least 6 credit hours (making a total of 12 credit hours drawn from these areas within the first 60 credit hours)
  2. Courses other than BTS   at least 12 credit hours

Students may use transfer credit to meet these requirements. These registration requirements for the first and second years apply to all students, except extended education students. 

For a list of courses you can take, visit the Course Description page or visit the individual program pages.

Who to Contact for Academic Advising when Choosing Courses

New Students

Transfer Students

Returning Students

For additional information on academic advising supports, go to Academic Advising.

Preparing your Registration

Registering for Courses Online

Registering online using the CMU Student Portal will enrol you immediately in the classes that you want.

Follow the Step by Step Student Portal Registration Instructions

Registration Help Desk: If you are having difficulty registering for courses through the student portal, email mshokpeka:@:cmu.ca.

Paper Registration

Registration using a paper registration is another way that students can register for classes. If you register using the paper form, there may be a delay of three weeks before the classes appear on your CMU Student Portal. You can return your registration by mail or fax.

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