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·                      Articles by Gordon Matties

1.    “Let’s Rent a Movie: Making Movie Nights Work”

2.    “Movies as a Spiritual Discipline”

3.    Discussion guide for Robert Duvall’s The Apostle, in conversation with the Apostle Paul

·                      “How to Watch Movies Intelligently and Critically,” by Tim Dirks (The Greatest Films website): Part One and Part Two.

·                      Resources from Ransom Fellowship’s Website

1.    Christian Discernment 101. Pdf version. For other articles on discernment click here.

2.    Leading Movie Discussions.

3.    Probing Questions for Pop Culture and Movie Discussions. Html or pdf versions.

4.    Steven Garber’s articles

1.    Don’t Leave Your Brains at the Box Office. Pdf version.

2.    Making Sense of a Movie (includes a wonderful exploration of Magnolia). Pdf version.

·                      The Journal of Religion & Film. An excellent source for academic articles.

·                      “What on Earth is Christian Film Criticism” by Michael Leary of The Matthews House Project.

·                      “Cinema: The New Cathedral of Hollywood,” Read Mercer Schuchardt at Metaphilm.

·                      “The Hidden Dangers of Cinema,” Steve Lansingh

·                      “Spirituality and Film,” Edward McNulty

·                      “Film and the Christian,” Todd Kappelman

·                      “Modern Cinema and the Killing of the Imagination,” Sarah Barnett

·                      “Uncovering the Sacred: Substance and Style in the American Film,” Richard Blake, S.J.

·                      “Why Movies Matter,” Charles Henderson

·                      A few items by John Bowen (Wycliffe College, Toronto)

1.    The Gospel According to Robin Williams (includes sections on Moscow; Dead Poets Society; Awakenings; The Fisher King; and related themes).

2.    Trapped in a Free World: The Gospel According to Groundhog Day

3.    Robin Williams and the Problem of Suffering

4.    The Gospel According to The Truman Show

5.    God and Schindler

6.    The Spiritual Worldview of The Lord of the Rings

·                      “Religion and Religious Imagery in the Films of Charlie Chaplin,” Peter T. Chattaway

·                      “God and the Simpsons,” by Gerry Bowler

·                      Online articles on The Matrix trilogy

·                      Recognizing Christ-Figures in the Movies, by Anton Karl Kozlovic


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