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Graduate Studies

CMU Graduate Studies Online Application Form

The online application form is for the MA in Peacebuilding and Collaborative Development, the Collaborative Master of Business Administration, and the Graduate School of Theology and Ministry.

Application Process

You must ensure the application is submitted and complete before the application deadline. Application  deadlines for each program can be found below:

Deadline for International students: Completed applications must be received by April 30 for the Fall Semester June 30 for the Winter Semester, and January 31 for the Spring/Summer semester. If you have missed a deadline, contact the Director of the Graduate School or the Admissions Department.

Checklist of Items Needed


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Step 1: Applicant Information
Name and Address
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(Please provide documentation of status to the admissions department if you are not a Canadian Citizen.)
First Language (Refers to Mother Tongue) * English
If English is not your first language, indicate the number of years of English instruction you have received:
If you have completed or plan to write any of the following English tests – T.O.E.F.L., CanTEST, M.E.L.A.B., I.E.L.T.S., PTE (Academic), or C.A.E.L. – enter the following information:
Test Name
Date (to be) Written (yyyy-mm-dd)
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If you are of Aboriginal ancestry, please specify First Nations (Status)
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Emergency Contact
Emergency Phone - -
How did you hear about CMU's Graduate program?
Step 2: Program Information
Graduate School * Graduate School of Theology and Ministry
MA in Peacebuilding and Collaborative Development
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
I plan to study * Full time (18 or more credit hours per year)
Part time (less than 18 credit hours per year)
I am applying for * Regular status (having met all entrance requirements)
Special status (not having met all entrance requirements)
Program of Study * Master of Arts:
      Christian Ministry
      Theological Studies
Master of Divinity
Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies
CMU – MBBS Students
Students who are members of the Mennonite Brethren church and who intend to affiliate with Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary Canada (as well as CMU) must indicate their intention here. Before doing so, a conversation about this should take place with the Associate Dean of MBBS, Pierre Gilbert.
I wish to enter the program in * Fall 2019 (Sep – Dec)
Winter 2020 (Jan – Apr)
Spring 2020 (May – Aug)
I am interested in on-campus housing Yes (Please fill out the Online Housing Application Form.)
Statement of Interest and Intent
Please identify in a paragraph or two the reasons for your interest in graduate studies and what your learning objectives are. You are welcome to mention any vocational goals that you think are relevant to your proposed studies. (Minimum 200 words.) *
Step 3: Education and Work Experience
Educational Background
Please list in chronological order each College, University, or Graduate School you've attended -- along with its location, the dates you attended and graduated, and your areas of study. *

If you have graduated, please request that your university or college send an official transcript to the Graduate Studies Admissions Office. If you are presently in university, please ask your university or college to send an official interim transcript that shows courses completed as well as courses currently in progress. After graduation, please ask the university or college to send an official final transcript. Photocopies and faxes are not acceptable.
Work Experience
Please list in chronological order up to four of your previous employers, their locations, the dates you worked there, and the nature of your position. *
Step 4: References
Reference #1
Ref #1 Phone - -
Ref #1 Email
Reference #2
Ref #2 Phone - -
Ref #2 Email
Reference #3
Ref #3 Phone - -
Ref #3 Email
Reference Forms I have given reference forms to the people named above
All Graduate Studies letter of reference forms can be found here. The completed forms must be emailed, faxed, or mailed to CMU's Admissions Department by the referee.
Step 5: Statement of Understanding
I certify that the information provided on this application is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
I agree *
Date * (yyyy-mm-dd)
Step 6: Application Fee
Application Type * Canada and U.S. Applicant: $80 Fee (non-refundable)
International Applicant: $150 Fee (non-refundable)
Other Payment Arrangements Authorized by CMU Admissions
Security Confirmation

Note: Your application will remain active and open to allow time for your official transcripts to reach CMU. To ensure that you are accepted and eligible to register for courses, send your transcripts promptly.