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A ChristianWeek SYMPOSIUM

Thursday–Friday, May 2–3, 2019


In 1987, a new Canadian publication was created: ChristianWeek. It existed in print for 27 years, closing in 2014.

During that time, it chronicled the life of the church in Canada—the good and the challenging—and provided inspiration and information about how Canadian Christians interacted with the world. It is one of the best records of the wider Canadian church at the turn of the millennium.

ChristianWeek still exists online, but the print version of ChristianWeek is gone. We want to mark the contribution of the print version to the church in Canada May 2–3, 2019 at the Symposium.

During the Symposium we will look back at the contribution made by ChristianWeek while in print; reflect on the state of Christian journalism and communications today; and look ahead—what does the future hold for Christian journalism and communications?

ChristianWeek Symposium Committee

John Longhurst
Doug Koop
Jonathan Bonk
Kelly Rempel
David Balzer

For more information contact John Longhurst at

The support of Canadian Mennonite University is gratefully acknowledged.

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