The Matrix: Links

Gordon Matties

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology

Canadian Mennonite University


I am compiling the “best” links I can find that explore the worldview of The Matrix. The discussion guides and articles listed below deal with biblical, theological, and philosophical matters. Please send your suggestions to me at:

·                       Read Mercer Schuchardt, “The Matrix – We’re Caught in a Trap and We Can’t Walk Out”. A Shoot-the-Messenger Review.

·                       “The Matrix Revolutions” and the irrationality of God,” by Steve Lansingh

·                       Preaching Peace in Hollywood: on mimetic theory and The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, Terminator 3.

·                       The Matrix: Discussion and Bible Study. Ideabank 03/2000.

·                       The Matrix Movie Discussion Sheet. Click on the reviews link on the right side of the page.

·                       Jonathan Stanton-Humphreys, A Discussion Guide

·                       A Discussion between Peter Chattaway and Don Smith . The conversation covers three topics: Neo's role as a Christ figure, the many religious references in the film, and the ethics of the film with respect to reality, truth, and faith.

·                       James L. Ford, “Buddhism, Christianity, and The Matrix: The Dialectic of Myth-Making in Contemporary Cinema,” Journal of Religion and Film Vol. 4, No. 2 - 2000. This essay analyses the film from the perspective of contemporary myth-making. It explores the resonance between the movie and the fourth century (CE) philosophical school of Buddhism known as Yogacara.

·                       Read Mercer Schuchardt, “Identity in a Paradox World”. A creative, interactive site.

·                       Doug Mann and Heidi Hochenedel, “Evil Demons, Saviors, and Simulacra in The Matrix”. This essay explores the philosophical trajectories arising from R. Descartes and J. Baudrillard.

·                       Paul Fontana, “Generation Exile and Neo Restoration: A Study of Messianic Hope in the Matrix.” An extensive essay written by someone connected to Harvard Divinity School. The first part of the essay applies micro-analysis to the film’s Christian symbolism. The second part applies macro-analysis by interpreting the whole film in the light of Jewish and Christian apocalyptic expectation.

·                       The Matrix: A Cyberpunk Parable. This and the next link are identical, but in different formats. The second one allows you to access the article (which is 56 pages long) section by section.

·                       The Matrix as Cyber-Punk Parable

·                       The Matrix as Messiah Movie: Neo/Christ Parallels in The Matrix. This site is part of a web-ring, which allows you to move to a variety of Matrix sites, many of which take an allegorical approach to interpreting the movie. Click here for an Introduction  to those sites.

·                       Dave Hart, “Matrix Theology”

·                       The Matrix Place: Pictures

·                      The Matrix: Warner Brothers’ Home Page

·                      Dew’s Matrix Fan Page. Includes a variety of Matrix links, suggestions for discussion, essay topics, and articles (e.g. names, numbers, religious symbolism, themes, concepts, colors, Plato’s allegory of the cave and the Matrix, character analysis, The Matrix transcript, etc.). See Dew’s statement of purpose.

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