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“Nurturing the Mind; Minding the Heart; Mending the World.”


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Creation Care Resources


Resources for the CMU course BTS-2250/3 Creation, Environment & the Bible

The reading by Lynn White can be found by clicking here or here



Ancient Stones, Living Stones: Perspectives on the Holy Land:  

A Middle East Study Tour

I invite you to join me on a journey in the spring of 2010 (tentatively April 29-May 21) through time to the land of Joshua and Jesus! Through the 21-day tour you will:

·          Walk into the world of the biblical texts.

·          Visit the ancient stones, the important biblical/archaeological sites and pilgrimage locations.

·          Meet the living stones, the many and varied people-groups living in present-day Israel/Palestine (Jews, Christians, and Muslims).

·          Discover the complexity of conflict and the prospects for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and wrestle with the challenges facing Middle Eastern and Western Christians, Jews and Muslims over this issue.

As you make the connection between the ancient stones and the living stones, you will discover the wonder and the complexity of these two worlds, and see how they coexist side-by-side. Often the two worlds will press in on you at the same time—the world of the biblical text, and the world of contemporary issues and political agenda. When the tour is over, you will be able to say: “I will never read the Bible or the news the same way again.” More…


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           Detailed Itinerary

Maps of Israel/Palestine Index

Bibliography: Biblical Interpretation in the Context of the Israel-Palestine Conflict


On the Integration of Faith and Learning

For a variety of links to bibliographies, organizations, and online articles on the integration of faith and learning, click here. For my short reflections on the topic, see the following:


Integration: My Pursuit of Coherence and Conviction in Christian University Education

Nurturing the Mind, Minding the Heart, Mending the World: Education as a Renewing Activity

Pursuing Coherence and Conviction in Christian University Education (much revised version of the first item, published in Canadian Christianity).


Books I Recommend


The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life In God. Dallas Willard. San Francisco, Calif.: HarperSanFrancisco, 1998. 428 pp. Click to read my review.

The Fabric of Faithfulness: Weaving Together Belief and Behavior During the University Years. By Steven Garber (rev. ed.; Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2007). This is probably the best book available that addresses practically and creatively the problems students face in the contemporary university, and that offers strategies for intellectual, moral, and spiritual formation in that setting. See my review of the 1996 edition. This book is now out in a new edition.. For more . . .


Film & Faith


Movie Theology: Reviews and Resources. I’ve gathered a variety of links that will take you to some of the best movie review sites.

Let’s Rent a Movie! Making Movie Nights Work. A short article I’ve written on how to facilitate group discussions (IdeaBank 14/1 [March 2001]).

“On Movies as Spiritual Discipline,” Direction 34/2 (2005): 270-86. A review essay on recent books on film & faith.

A Bibliography on Religion & Film. Prepared by Gordon Matties.

A Short, Select list of Resources

Recent Books on Faith & Film. A brief review of some of the best books on the topic. This file has not been updated recently. Please see the Bibliography above.

Online Articles on Faith & Film. From academic articles in The Journal of Religion & Film to popularly written articles in a variety of websites.

Article on my course “Film, Faith and Popular Culture” in Journal of Religion & Film.

My Published Movie Reviews

Sites on the movie The Matrix. These sites apply theological, mythic, or comparative religion approaches to the movie.

The Apostle: In Conversation with the Apostle Paul. A Movie Discussion Guide

Amazing Grace. Links to my review of the movie, to discussion guides, and to a variety of resources on the modern anti-slavery movement: organizations, bibliography, etc.

Avatar: Reviews & Articles

What Do Movies Do?


Seeing is Believing: Conversations Between Film & Faith


Seeing is Believing is a unique opportunity for those who enjoy viewing and discussing movies. Each session begins with a Sunday matinee screening of a film at Cinematheque (100 Arthur, Winnipeg), followed by a light dinner, dessert, and discussion at a neighbourhood restaurant. More . . . [I am not running this series right now]


Biblical Studies and Theology


Bibliographies. A variety of links to bibliographies on anything from Old Testament Theology to Middle East.

Biblical Studies Links and Resources

Gospel Parallels. Examples of online resources.



On  Research and Writing


How to Write a Book Review, by Loren L. Johns, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, Indiana.

How to Write a Book Review, from the Queens University library website. See also the Writing Centre guide.

Writing Book Reviews: A list of links to various writing guides hosted by the University of Calgary.

A Guide to Biblical Exegesis, by Richard Ascough, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

Guide to Biblical Exegesis, by Christine Mitchell, Duke University (adapted from Ascough. Pdf file).

Critical Reading: A Guide, by John Lye, Associate Professor of English, Brock University.

A Few (Strong) Suggestions on Essay Writing, by Telford Work.