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Tuition & Fees (2016-17)

At CMU every effort is made to make your education here financially possible. At least 50% of our student body each year receive financial aid. Our many scholarships, awards, and bursaries are listed here. We also have a financial services advisor willing to answer questions or meet with you to discuss money matters. 

To study at CMU for a year, a full-time (24 credit hours/8 courses) Canadian student living in the dorm and using the full meal plan can expect to pay about $13,000 for the two semesters of studies at CMU. (Prices are in Canadian dollars.) 

An international student (including U.S.) taking full-time (24 credit hours) courses, living in dorm, and using the full meal plan can expect to pay about $15,000 (Canadian dollars).

International tuition payments should be made to CMU using Flywire. You can click the button below to begin the process:


The outline below gives a general idea of the breakdown in costs for one year, as a full-time (24 credit hours) Canadian student. International fees only differ in tuition cost.

How much your education at CMU will cost depends on your own specific situation. The variables include:


Undergraduate Tuition Fees

Canadian Students
$728.00 per 3 credit hour course (or $5,824.00 for 24 credit hours). Individual Applied Music courses are not included in this cost.

International Students
$982.80 per 3 credit hour course (or $7,862.40 for 24 credit hours).


Graduate Tuition Fees

$756.00 per 3 credit hour course—applies to both domestic and international students.


Individual Applied Music Courses

Two semesters, 2 credit hours: $823.00

Two semesters, 3 credit hours: $1,236.00

Two semesters, 5 credit hours: $1,647.00


Student Fees

Student Card: $11.00 

Student Services Fee – T2202A eligible: (based on $17.96 per credit hour) $431.04 for 24 credit hours (includes student life, information technology, & student employment program)

Student Services Fee – T2202A non-eligible: (based on $7.12 per credit hour) $170.88 for 24 credit hours (includes student council fee, athletics, & special events)


Meal Plan (Two Semesters)

Full Board (all residence students): $4,097.86

Apartment Student Meal Plan (single students, mandatory): $615.10 (pays for 1 lunch, 1 supper per week for the school year)

Additional 4 Lunches Weekly: $799.42

Additional 4 Suppers Weekly: $1,037.14

20 Lunch Tickets: $141.45


Text Books & Equipment

$900.00 (estimated)


Incidental Fees

Academic Transcript:

Appeals for Grades: $31.00

Application Fee (Canadian Students): $50.00

Damage Deposit: $200.00 (mandatory for residence, apartment & full-time students)

Graduation Fee: $100.00

Lab Fees:

Late Payment Fee (per term): $100


Replacement of T2202A: $21.00

Special Examination Request: $125.00

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