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The Memoirs of Henry Poettcker BUY NOW

A President's Journey: The Memoirs of Henry Poettcker
2009 | 230 pages, paper | $26.50
ISBN 978-0-920718-83-4

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Dr. Henry Poettcker's memoirs recount his passage from a Russian Mennonite farm boy to the president of Canadian Mennonite Bible College (now CMU) and the president of Mennonite Biblical Seminary (now AMBS). Under his leadership, both institutions experienced major development and growth, and yet, where others would boast of such accomplishments, Dr. Poettcker reveals a modest life of devotion to God.

A Generation of Vigilance BUY NOW

A Generation of Vigilance: The Lives & Work of Johannes and Tina Harder
T. D. Regehr
2009; 340 pages; paperback; $29.50
ISBN 978-0-920718-82-7

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For three decades Johannes Harder was the best known leader among Mennonite Brethren in British Columbia. Written with care by respected scholar T.D. Regehr, this biography traces the legacy left by Johannes and Tina as well as their experience as Russian immigrants in early 20th Century British Columbia.

Sometimes controversial because of the way the couple tried to maintain strict codes of Christian conduct, the Harders are also remembered for their positive contributions. Johannes was acknowledged to be a tireless worker, as a preacher and pastor, and Tina is remembered for her hospitality and generosity. Although circumstances differed greatly between Russia and Western Canada, it has been suggested that both the strengths and weakness of their ministry in British Columbia were rooted in their Russian Mennonite Brethren heritage.

Growing Up in Turbulent Times BUY NOW

Growing Up in Turbulent Times: Memoirs of Soviet Oppression, Refugee Life in Germany, and Immigrant Adjustment to Canada
Waldemar Janzen
2007, 290 pages, maps & illustrations, paperback, $29.00.
ISBN 978-0-920718-80-3

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These memoirs of a boy who lost his father to a Stalinist concentration camp reveal the hardship and hospitality of refugee existence. Dr. Janzen presents times of great historical upheaval as he felt them when young: the longing for the holy, and an intellectual yearning that led to his life as a respected scholar and teacher.

Living with Conviction BUY NOW

Siegfried Bartel. Living with Conviction: German Army Captain Turns to Cultivating Peace

Traces the story of one man's struggle to overcome guilt and become convinced that the way of peace is the only alternative to war.

1994; 212 pp.; maps & photos; pb. Sale price $7.00 ISBN 978-0-920718-51-3

A Leader for His Time BUY NOW

Esther Epp-Tiessen. J.J. Thiessen: A Leader for His Time

Thiessen was a long-time chairman of Conference of Mennonites in Canada and promoter of post-secondary theological education. He was also active on MCC and General Conference committees with special interest in immigration and missions.

2001; 346 pp.; map & photos; pb. Sale price $10.00 ISBN 978-0-920718-71-1

Diary of Anna Baerg BUY NOW

Gerry Peters, trans. & ed. Diary of Anna Baerg 1916–1924

A popular eyewitness account of the turbulent revolution years in Russia, told by an articulate young working-class woman whose diary entries reflect penetrating awareness and sensitivity.

1985; 158 pp.; with photos; pb. Sale price $4.00 ISBN 978-0-920718-09-4

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