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As a Christian University, CMU is committed to thinking clearly and carefully about faith and its application to the world in all of its dimensions.


Your gift to CMU...
Provides stimulating classes and informal discussions which help students learn to think clearly and carefully about the world in which we live.

"In this class, we were challenged to think deeply about our faith in the context of an evolving world of science and mathematics, and invited to be awestruck at the incredible complexity and beauty that can arise from the seemingly simple or mundane."
      — Raya Cornelson, Class of 2013


Your gift to CMU...
Helps create a supportive environment for testing and strengthening faith commitments and building habits of love, peace and justice, and social responsibility.

"My Psychology and Christianity course challenged previous assumptions and asked important questions intended specifically for psychology students. What is the difference between my soul and my brain? Where does moral decision-making occur within the body? I am thankful for the opportunity to challenge my faith from a psychological perspective. This course prepared me to engage in dialogue about faith and psychology issues during studies after CMU."
      — Tania Friesen, Class of 2010


Your gift to CMU...
Fosters a dynamic student life program.

"The CMU student life helps students discover their gifts and develop leadership skills. It does this in many ways, including providing academic resourcing and organizing chapels and fellowship groups. It provides disability services and international student programming. Student Life works to provide a supportive lasting friendship and community."
      — Marilyn Peters Kliewer, Dean of Student Life

"My leadership experience at CMU has called me to build the skill of listening, a skill that is needed in order for the diverse voices on campus to be heard and to be served."
      — David Epp, Class of 2014


Your gift to CMU...
Provides students with a range of experiences including hands on learning, practica, athletics, and choirs, contributing to their ability to make positive life choices.

"Working at CHVN Radio and Siloam Mission for my CMU practicum guided me along the journey of discovery within the world; I have developed a greater understanding of how to live and work as a disciple of Christ."
      — Michael Duerksen, Class of 2010


Help fund $240,000 annually in scholarship and bursary assistance for students from the CMU Fund.

Whatever your reason for supporting CMU, know that your gift will have great significance to students, staff, the church, and our world.


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