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Scholarships & Bursaries

For decades, generous donors have established scholarships, bursaries and awards to assist CMBC, MBBC, Concord College, and now CMU students with the financing of their education. Some of these gifts were endowments in memory of a loved one. Other funds were anonymous or named, initiated by supporters to address the financial challenges that students face when pursuing an education. Scholarship and bursary amounts funded by donors vary, but when added together they provide students with annual support of approximately $175,000. Combined with an additional $175,000 from CMU's annual budget, students receive approximately $350,000 annually in financial aid from CMU.

Meet the Donors

CMU is grateful for the support that comes annually from 140+ named and anonymous funds. You will find a listing of donor initiated funds that presently fund almost half of our student financial aid by clicking here.

Set up a NEW Scholarship, Bursary, or Prize

We invite you to consider setting up an Endowment for purposes of creating a new Scholarship, Bursary, or Prize. How might this happen?

  1. Generally the process of setting up a new award begins with a conversation with the donors in order to determine their interests (purpose and nature of the award; endowment amount anticipated; amount of award to be given). Based on that conversation, a first draft is written and then working with the donor, the document is revised until it is complete—signed and funded.
  2. The goal with the majority of CMU awards is to offer deserving students a minimum of $1,000 annually. In order for this to occur, typically a minimum of $20,000 of endowment funds are needed.
  3. If the overall funding amount is less than $20,000, awards are created with defined time
  4. Periods (i.e. 10 years...) so that they can still contribute a substantive amount to the students.

As an individual you may also contribute to an existing Bursary or Scholarship that fits your giving goals. In addition, churches may wish to establish a matching grant program whereby CMU matches funds provided by churches for their students.

Providing support for a scholarship or bursary is a sign of hope in the future of CMU, of students and of the church itself. These investments reap rich rewards as students shaped by CMU leave to serve the church and the world.

If you are interested in establishing a new scholarship, bursary or prize, please contact or call 204.487.3300.

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