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CMU Vespers

You are warmly invited to attend CMU Vespers, a monthly worship service incorporating scripture, prayer, hymns, and choral music. Vespers is a unique opportunity for alumni and friends of CMU and its founding colleges to engage in praise of our living God, reflection on God’s calling and fellowship with other worshippers. 

Services are held at 7:00 PM (note new starting time) on the third Sunday of each month from October to March in the Laudamus Auditorium, 500 Shaftesbury Blvd. Everyone welcome!

2015-16 Vesper Services
Date Theme Conductor Pianist Worship Leader
October 18 Bach repertoire; alumni choir Janet Brenneman Verna Wiebe Sue Sorensen
November 15 TBA Paul Dueck Eleanore McLeod Paul Doerksen
December 20 Christmas Allan Janzen Robert Neufeld Cheryl Pauls
January 17 Behold the Beauty of the Lord (CMU's 2015-16 Chapel theme) TBA Herbert Pauls Paul Dyck
February 21 TBA TBA Maureen Epp Dietrich Bartel
March 20 TBA Mel Braun Catherine Richard TBA

If you would like to sing in the Vespers choir or volunteer on the Vespers Planning Committee, contact 204.487.3300 or

The Vespers Planning Committee coordinates the CMU Vespers Services. Committee members include John Martens, Bernie Neufeld (CMBC '65), Janet Peters (CMBC '98), Rudy Schellenberg (MBBC '70), and Bob Wiebe.

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