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CONNECT: Building for Learning and Service

Since opening its doors in September of 2000, Canadian Mennonite University has celebrated a unique vision for Christian Liberal Arts education, shaped within the embrace of the Christian church, and rooted in an Anabaptist orientation. CMU's vision includes commitments to sound scholarship and the integration of faith; formative relationships with professors as teachers and mentors; enriched student learning through hospitable community and worship, along with commitments to peace, justice, and service in the broader community.

CMU's new Library and Learning Commons

Heart of the Shaftesbury campus

The library will serve as a learning commons at the heart of CMU's Shaftesbury campus, offering high quality services, vital resources and creating spaces for meaningful connections with ideas and with other people.

One vision, one community

A pedestrian bridge spanning Grant Avenue will connect the Library to CMU's south campus, provide safe passage across a busy thoroughfare, bring together the north and the south sides of CMU's Shaftesbury campus and signal CMU's presence in the community.

A resource for the university, church, and community

This new facility will host a Book and Resource Centre and a vibrant cafe, providing the broader community with a fine array of materials and a forum for engaging dialogue and a variety of events and community functions.

Expanding capacity

What is now library space on our south side campus will be renovated into well-equipped teaching spaces, a vital asset needed for expanding programs and enrolment.

Providing a resource for church and community

CMU's library, electronic resources, bookstore, and coffee bar will be open to the public. The facility's large foyer will be available for a variety of events and community functions.

CMU Library and Learning Commons

The new facility incorporates:

CMU Pedestrian Bridge

The bridge is integral to the campus master site plan that calls for a "main street" walkway connecting campus buildings on both north and south sides of Grant Avenue.

The bridge will: