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CONNECT: Building for Learning and Service

Message from the Campaign Chair

Elmer Hildebrand

CMU's progress during the past decade is inspiring! In 12 short years CMU has demonstrated its capacity as a university to share a profound commitment to quality learning, mission, witness, and service in the world.

What's more, CMU is successfully teaching and modelling important and faith-filled convictions treasured by so many of us. In serving a rich diversity of students, our university is making an enormous contribution to students from many traditions, as well as to the church and community in Winnipeg and well beyond.

What we began discussing before CMU's formation in 2000 has thrived beyond our expectations. We thank God for that. Yet we are not finished. I agreed to serve as Chair of CONNECT: The Campaign for CMU because I share its vision, and I believe we have an obligation and a calling to equip CMU in every way possible.

This Library and Bridge project is an investment for an entire generation. I urge you to make that investment yourself with a generous gift to the CONNECT campaign.

Elmer Hildebrand
Chair, CONNECT: The Campaign for CMU
CEO Golden West Broadcasting Co. Ltd.