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Why Build?

From the CMU Community

Paul Dyck

University libraries are about so much more than books: they have always been places of learning, where people gather to remember and reflect, learning from those before us with an eye to the future.

Paul Dyck, Associate Professor of English

Marlene Janzen

This Library and Bridge will enhance the learning experience at CMU. This project will create wonderful spaces for students, faculty and the community to connect. The Board is 100% in support of this venture!

Marlene Janzen, Board Chair
Calgary, AB

Christie Anne (McCullough) Isbister

The new Library and Bridge will strengthen our campus and make a positive statement about our University within the broader community. Its visual impact and potential to draw the community in to CMU will be wonderful!

Christie Anne (McCullough) Isbister, 2008 Alumna
Chilliwack, BC