Biblical Interpretation in the Context of the Israel-Palestine Conflict


Gordon Matties

Canadian Mennonite University


Because of the many topics related to the Arab-Israeli conflict, and how those topics intersect with biblical interpretation, this bibliography cannot be comprehensive. On biblical theology of land please check the fuller bibliographies in Brueggemann, Habel and Janzen. On the land in Christian thought, check the fuller bibliographies in the books by March, Merkley, Prior, Wagner, Weber, Wilkin, and in the issue of Immanuel noted below. I have not begun creating separate sections on how biblical interpretation is related to the history of anti-Semitism and the Church, on dispensationalism (see Weber, Sizer, Johnston and Walker), on the relationship of Judaism and Christianity, and on Christian interpretation of Old Testament prophetic texts as they are sometimes understood to have a bearing on contemporary events in Israel/Palestine (i.e. as predictions of current events). Some of these items are listed in bibliographies in Wagner and March, whose bibliographies are topically organized.


Biblical & Theological Perspectives


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