Gordon Matties, Ph.D., Canadian Mennonite University


The Movie Theology website should give you access to almost everything you need for a lifetime of learning with and about movies (, including an extensive bibliography under the heading “Resources by Gordon Matties.”


Bibliography: Here is a very short list. Those that might be of interest for a church library are marked with an *

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Online Articles (all available as of Oct. 3, 2007)

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Movie Discussion Guides

Here are a few websites that will be of particular interest for groups that might want to include the occasional movie discussion evening (all linked on the Movie Theology website):

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·          Ransom Fellowship’s Movie Discussion questions:  

·          Reel Spirituality: An Institute for Moving Pictures. Click Study Guides link

·          Damaris CultureWatch Resources

·          Gordon Matties, “Let’s Rent a Movie: Making Movie Nights Work”

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