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PIT 2015: A Meeting Place

What is a meeting place? What is the indigenous story?

How do we relate our own stories to the indigenous story?

Peace It Together (PIT) 2015 (October 23-25) looks at these questions as we explore First Nation and Settler relationships while listening, living and sharing together. This year, we will focus specifically on hearing the Indigenous story, while reflecting on our story, as well as hearing God in these stories.

PIT, a CMU-hosted youth conference, focuses on Biblical and Anabaptist themes of peace. Participants will meet other youth from across Canada, engage in singing, worship, PIT Stops, fun activities, and acts related to the theme, "A Meeting Place." The sessions and activities give space to encounter Jesus' life and teachings as well as other Scripture that models aspects of peace and justice, and makes it relevant for today.

There will be opportunities on Saturday afternoon for everyone to participate and explore stories in action. These activities will take place on both the CMU campus and around the city of Winnipeg.

Some ideas we have considered include:

We want to know how you would like to actively listen to story at PIT 2015. Email us at with ideas you might have.

This conference is for:

PIT is a great opportunity to check out CMU as an option for post-secondary education. The weekend allows you to interact with student hosts, meet professors, and discover that peace and justice at CMU are not just part of a diverse academic program, they shape the institution at its core.

We are hosting a Campus Visit Day on PIT weekend: Friday, October 23, from 8:45 AM–3:00 PM.

If you are interested in attending PIT and the Campus Visit Day, we will reimburse up to $200 of your travel costs to CMU (instead of $125). An additional $200 is discounted from your tuition once you become a student at CMU.