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PIT 2013: Pursue Peace, Seek Justice (with Shane Claiborne)

How does this look? How does it work? How do you pursue peace? How do we practice peace and justice in our daily lives? PIT 2013 will have us looking at these questions and more as we explore themes of seeking justice and pursuing peace. Shane Claiborne from The Simple Way in Philadelphia will be our keynote speaker to guide our thoughts and learning. Stories of peace building actions from around the world will be woven into the weekend as well.

Peace It Together (PIT) is a CMU-hosted youth conference focusing on biblical and Anabaptist themes of peace. Through speakers, teaching, singing, worship, stories, and fun, youth will encounter Jesus' life and teachings as well as other scripture that models aspects of peace and justice and makes it relevant for today. This year Peace It Together will focus specifically on how to practice peace and justice in our communities and daily lives.

Of course, PIT involves much more than listening to speakers. It is an opportunity to meet other young people from across Canada, and to be drawn into singing, worship, PIT Stops, fun activities, and acts related to the theme of the weekend. Saturday afternoon will be a time to explore and act out peace on the CMU campus and around Winnipeg. PIT can also be a chance to explore what CMU is all about. You will be hosted by students, you will meet professors, and you will come to see that at CMU, peace and justice are not just part of a diverse program of study, but they shape the institution at its core. We look forward to seeing you at Peace It Together 2013!


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