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Academic Advising

At CMU, academic advising is more than just choosing courses that fit your timetable. It's also about:

CMU Academic Advising Details

1. Advisors

The Coordinator of Student Advising assigns each student a faculty advisor who is their academic mentor. In addition to faculty, the Coordinator of Student Advising is on hand to consider CMU degree and pre-professional options with students. All professors are able to advise students about discipline-specific questions and options.

2. Choosing Courses

New students will receive advising from their Admissions Counsellor regarding their course choices. Transfer and returning students are welcome to seek advising from the Coordinator of Student Advising and/or their faculty advisor regarding their course choices.

3. Academic Support Services

CMU offers several ways in which students may receive additional assistance to help them to be successful in their studies.

Contact Vern Kehler, Coordinator of Student Advising, at for more information.

4. Writing Resources
5. Career Advising

Vern Kehler
Coordinator of Student Advising 

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