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What others had to say about previous study tours with Gordon Matties:


“My trip with you to Israel some years ago continues to impact my life and ministry. I hope to join your travel group again in the future this time with my wife. As I talk with others who have travelled to Israel i am so thankful for the very holistic experience we had and especially grateful for all the people we could meet and talk to from all sides of the spiritual and political spectrums.”

      — Lorin Bergen (pastor)

"We would like to once again thank you for all your work in arranging and guiding a trip that will be a lifetime highlight for us. We feel honored to have been able to be part of the group. Your itinerary, together with Amir's knowledge and ability to teach, is a powerful combination. The fact that all the travel and accommodation arrangements went so smoothly is evidence of your abilities and care. Please accept our grateful thanks."

      — Don & Kae Neufeld (Edmonton)

"My best 'sightseeing' experiences were the ones where we could really feel the land. The hike through the desert was great because we were in the heat, really experiencing the desert and understanding what it was like to walk those roads. The Good Samaritan story took on a new meaning.

"Another highlight was understanding the conflict there in a whole new way. I have a much greater appreciation for how difficult and seemingly impossible it is to put a peace agreement into place that will work. Peace has taken on a much different meaning for me... War also became more real to me as I was surrounded by a culture of guns.

"It was very valuable to be close enough to the people that we could almost understand what they were thinking, and catch a glimpse of how differently they approach problems."

      — Angela Klassen (Student)

"I went on your Ancient Stones, Living Stones study tour in 2010 and enjoyed it greatly, particularly the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the political situation in Israel & Palestine and to meet with so many people active in the cause of peace.  It was a major contributor to my decision to take an MA in International Affairs as preparation either for more work in the region, or for development and peacebuilding work generally."

      — Katherine


“This was my favourite trip ever. It will change you.”

      — Irene Enns