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Worship + Imagination - A Biennial Symposium

Imagination. Imagination opens new worlds in which we can live. For Christians, it's only by means of imagination that we can see reality whole, complete; that we can see the shalom imagined by God. Otherwise we are left only with fragments and brokenness. And of course, Jesus had a remarkable imagination. He could look at all kinds of people—lepers, prostitutes, people who were desperately poor, people who were desperately wealthy, and imagined something more. He could look at a miniscule mustard seed and see the kingdom of God. For Christians, who put such a large stake on that which they can't see, a robust imagination is indispensable. Imagination, schooled in the way of Jesus, is a life-giving stream in our walk as Christians.

Worship. In worship, imagination ushers us into wonder and praise and into the mysteries of God. Worship as an act of imagination enables us to make connections - between what is visible and invisible, between the physical and the spiritual, between heaven and earth, between the present and the past, between the now and the future. Worship helps us to imagine the whole amidst the brokenness. Like Jesus did. Through worship we rediscover our lives, our world, and the whole of creation as God's imaginative work. Worship empowers us to live what God imagines after the worship.


This year's symposium will explore the theme of
"Worship & Witness."

How does worship bear witness to the imagination of God in the world? How does worship shape us for witness? How can worship and the arts resist injustice and oppression and enable God's peace and reconciliation in the world? Come and explore these questions and more through times of worship, visual arts, plenary sessions, workshops, and clinics.

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