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Social Sciences: Counselling Studies

Why CMU?

CMU is an excellent choice for students considering a major in any Social Science, for several reasons:

At CMU, we pride ourselves on our high academic standards: during your time here you will be trained to excel in all the core skills of the field including oral and written rhetoric, integrative critical thinking, and thorough research. You will begin writing formal essays in first year, using a variety of citation styles. Our faculty provide detailed, individual feedback on assignments and are truly invested in your growth and development, both personally and academically.

Many Social Science careers involve a great deal of intense human interaction; indeed counselling, social service, and intercultural studies are all likely to direct students toward situations where strong interpersonal skills and a certain depth of emotional/spiritual engagement are not only appropriate, but necessary.

This is why the CMU context is such an advantage for Social Science majors. Taking Social Science alongside Biblical and Theological Studies, within a supportive, intentional Christian community, will guide students through the difficult internal processing that may be required of them in order to prepare for work in a helping profession.

Some of the skills and professional qualities you will develop through Social Science studies at CMU include: 

•           Ability to integrate knowledge from a variety of disciplines

•           Strong understanding of conflict dynamics

•           Effective problem solving

•           Ability to view issues/scenarios holistically

•           Awareness of current social issues

•           Adaptability, flexibility

•           Ability to work with diverse groups

•           Interpersonal & Intrapersonal skills

•           Interviewing skills

•           Strong oral and written communication skills

•           Organizational/Time management skills

•           Cross-cultural awareness

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