Graduate Studies

Letter of Permission

In consultation with your faculty advisor, you may decide to register for courses offered through another university or seminary.   Please complete the "Request for a Letter of Permission" form below. The Program Coordinator or Director must approve the form prior to processing.

Request Letter of Permission Form
If you need to take a course (courses) at another university or seminary for credit at CMU, here are the STEPS to follow:

1. Apply to be a Visiting Student at the institution where you wish to take the class.

2. Choose the course (or courses) you want to take. Ensure that your choice is appropriate to your academic needs. Be sure you have completed the prerequisites, if applicable.

3. Fill out the "Request for Letter of Permission" form. Contact the Program Coordinator or Director for initial approval. Once the form is completed and signed, the form will be submitted to Registrar's Office. If your request is approved, CMU will:
          a. Send an official Letter of Permission to the appropriate university or seminary and email a copy to you.
          b. Add the approved courses to your CMU transcript.

4. Register for the course(s) at the institution where you are visiting.

5. Confirm with CMU the courses for which you registered and for those you did not. Email the Assistant Registrar at to confirm the courses.

6. You are responsible to pay the fees at the university where you are visiting, in accordance with that institution's due dates and procedures.

7. After you complete your course(s), request a transcript from the institution where you have been visiting to be sent to the Registrar at CMU. When successfully completed, the course will receive a grade of "TR" (transfer). If a transcript is not received one month after the semester ends, a grade of "F" will be recorded until Registrar's Office receives an official transcript with a final grade.

Additional Notes:
  • Be aware of application deadlines when you apply at an institution to be a visiting student.
  • You may register only for the courses listed on your letter of permission. 
  • CMU cannot register you at another institution. The letter of permission allows you to register for courses; it does not register you in courses.
  • To withdraw from a course at another university, you must withdraw at that university according to their procedures. CMU cannot withdraw you from a course at another institution. After you withdraw from courses, inform CMU of the withdrawal.

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