Graduate Studies

Extended Education & Professional Development

Students choose to take courses at the graduate level through our Extended Education department for a variety of reasons:

  • Academic Credit (as occasional or visiting student)
  • Professional Development
  • Personal interest

Students are invited to take courses through our extended education department in the following areas:

  • Theology and Ministry
  • Peacebuilding and Collaborative Development

There are three categories of extended education:

  1. Auditing students
  2. Non-degree for credit students
  3. Visiting students.

If you have any questions please contact Stephanie Penner, Registrar, at or phone 204.487.3300 or toll free 1.877.231.7470.


Apply to Become an Extended Education Student

  1. Complete the appropriate Extended Education application form below. Submit the form via mail, fax, or email.
  2. Once the form and any required documents (if applicable) are received, Registrar's office will inform the applicant via email regarding acceptance and registration in classes.
  3. The student will be sent information to access the CMU Student Portal. Use the CMU Student portal to view:
    • Fee statement
    • Grades
    • Information from your instructor
  4. Students who wish to withdraw from a course must complete and submit a course change form. Ceasing to attend classes or not paying for the class does not constitute an official withdrawal and may result in the student receiving a failing grade for a course. To see a list of withdrawal and refund dates, go to Withdrawal and Refund Schedule.

Extended Education – Auditing

  • Auditing students will attend classes regularly. Participation in class discussion and completion of assignments is at the discretion of the instructor. A student will not receive a grade in the class.
  • Admission is based on completion of a baccalaureate degree or relevant life experience.
  • Official transcripts are not required—unofficial transcripts accepted.
  • Auditing Tuition and Fees:
    • Regular Audit: Charged student service fees & 50% reduction of the course tuition
    • Alumni Audit: Charged student service fees & 75% reduction of the course tuition
    • Senior Audit: Tuition is $100.00 (Senior is 65+)

Extended Education – For Credit

This is for students who are interested in taking a few courses for credit on a part-time basis. Extended education students are not working toward a degree at CMU.

  • Admission is based on completion of a baccalaureate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Official transcripts are required for first time applicants.
  • Registration is restricted to part-time study (<9 credit hours a semester).
  • A maximum of 5 courses (15 credit hours) may be taken as an extended education student.
  • After 15 credit hours, the extended education student may apply for admission to a graduate program.
  • Restricted to completing only courses approved by faculty/Registrar’s Office (excludes supervised ministry experience, modular courses, independent studies, etc).
  • Fees will be based on one of two conditions:
    • Regular: Tuition + Student Service fees
    • Senior: Tuition is $150.00 (Senior is 65+)

Extended Education – Visiting Students

The visiting student application is for students who are interested in taking one or more courses at CMU and are currently completing a program at a recognized post-secondary institution.

  • Admission based on letter of permission from home institution.
  • Official transcripts are not required.
  • Restricted to registering for courses listed on the letter of permission.
  • Fees will be based on one of two conditions:
    • Regular: tuition + student service fees
    • Senior: tuition is $150.00 (Senior is 65+)

Additional Information

Go to the South Side Reception desk:

  • To get a student card (needed to access the CMU Library and other services)
  • To get a parking pass (see note under financial information)
  • To pay tuition fees
  • For additional questions

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