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Graduate Studies

Financial Aid

For more information contact CMU's Financial and Student Services Advisor.

Tuition Tax Credits

Canadian students that enroll through CMU will pay all fees through CMU, and will receive in February the form T2202A (Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts Certificate) that can be used to claim federal and provincial non-refundable tax credits. 

Each province uses different tax rates and the amount of credits you can claim based on your T2202A varies by province; prospective students should check their provincial tax forms to find out what amounts they would be able to claim.

Government Student Loans

Canadian students will also be eligible to apply for student loans. Student loan applications open in June for the fall and winter semesters. You must apply to the province of your permanent residence. Go to and follow the links to your province.

Scholarships and Bursaries

CMU students enrolled in one of the MA programs are invited to apply for one or more scholarships/bursaries. View the list of Graduate Studies scholarships and bursaries available. Most awards are granted in June, but in some cases there may be other scholarship or bursary money available that has not yet been assigned. Please contact the Financial and Student Services Advisor for more information.


Awards and Scholarships Available Outside CMU

Here are some helpful sites that give both information and help in searching for scholarships and awards. If you need help applying please contact the Student Financial Services Administrator.

On Campus Employment

If you are interested in on campus employment, go to to download an application form. Return the completed form to the Financial and Student Services Advisor in person or by email to

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