International Development Studies

The International Development studies (IDS) at CMU encourages students to learn about global and local contexts of poverty and violence, and envision approaches to transformational development that bring justice and peace. Students will be prepared for citizenship in an increasingly interdependent global community, by seeking innovative approaches to change, while being grounded in their convictions.

The IDS program at CMU focuses on development processes at the global, national and community levels, giving particular emphasis to development at the community level and to the work of non-governmental organizations. This program provides an interdisciplinary approach to learning that studies the foundational values and worldviews of competing visions of development, including those of faith-based approaches.

An IDS degree is a launching point for a career in community development, humanitarian aid, disaster response, public policy, and non-profit management.
CMU is a pioneer in the study of international development, and our program has a number of advantages that make it a strong and competitive choice for students wanting to begin an international development career.
IDS alumni are spread across the world. They work in countries like Guatemala, Mali, Burkina Faso and Cambodia doing community development, advocacy, project management, and more.
The International Development program at CMU looks at development at both the community level as well as the global level. You will critically examine the wide range of actors and organizations that make up the international humanitarian world.

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