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What Are Our Grads Doing?

CMU is proud to offer a Math program that trains students not only to excell in mathematics, but also to be versatile and critically engaged. Our students graduate with valuable skills not often afforded by a mathematics degree including excellent writing skills, and the capacity to recognize potential interplay between mathematical practice and various global issues.

Education is a popular career pursuit for Math students at CMU. Fortunately for them, CMU's present mathematics professor, Tim Rogalsky, boasts an impressive student success record in that regard: every one of his students (major or minor) who has applied to an education program, has been accepted. Of those who completed their program, the vast majority are currently teaching.

Beyond education, many of our graduates are currently working in a variety of careers pertaining to finance, and some with more specialized training have gone on to work in engineering, computer science, agriculture and many other fields.

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