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Master of Business Administration

CMU is proud to join Bluffton UniversityEastern Mennonite University, and Goshen College to bring a highly differentiated MBA program to students in Canada.

A bold vision for a new kind of leader... together we can do more!

Our hyper-connected global society has complex challenges that require new leaders equipped with high-level skills and deep understanding of the world.

Join a program that emphasizes sustainability, self-awareness, and making a profit without harm to people or the environment

With our historic commitments to sustainability, leading as service, personal formation, developing community, and social and economic justice, we are uniquely qualified to prepare a new generation of leaders with both high-level skills in business and institutions and guided by a desire to serve the common good of humanity.

Leadership for the common good

Unlike many MBA programs that focus only on developing technical skills, the Collaborative MBA program includes additional emphasis on personal formation, competency, relationships, and business without harm to people or the environment.

About the Program


Admissions Requirements

Faculty & Leadership


Canadian students interested in the Collaborative MBA program are encouraged to contact Bryce Gallant, Interim Admissions Coordinator, by email at or by phone at 204.487.3300 or toll free at 1.877.231.4570.

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