Master of Business Administration


Tuition Cost

Total cost for the program before financial aid and/or employer assistance for the cohort starting August 2019 is approximately $36,000 CDN. The Canadian dollar conversion rate will be determined in July 2019 based on 2019 exchange rates. This conversion rate will applied for the full length of the 22-month program.

Tuition includes:

  • Food, lodging, and instructional costs related to your two on-site courses including the international trip.

Tuition does not include:

  • Books
  • Transportation to the on-site courses which we project to be approximately $1,500 CDN depending on travel method and location.

Tuition Refund Policy

Students who withdraw during any period of enrollment and follow the approved withdrawal procedures will receive refunds for instructional fees according to the following schedule:

  • Up to and including the first day of classes in the semester: 100% refund
  • From second day to 10% period of time (class days) in the semester: 90% refund
  • After 10% and up to 20% period of time (class days) in the semester: 80% refund
  • After 20% and up to 30% period of time (class days) in the semester: 70% refund
  • After 30% and up to 40% period of time (class days) in the semester: 60% refund
  • After 40% and up to 50% period of time (class days) in the semester: 50% refund
  • After 50% and up to 60% period of time (class days) in the semester: 40% refund
  • After 60% period of time (class days) in the semester: no refund

If a refund amount is owed to the student, but the student has outstanding institutional charges or if the student owes a repayment of a cash disbursement for non-institutional costs, the school will automatically apply the refund amount to those charges or repayment. The school will also notify the student in writing if either situation has occurred.

Financial Aid

All students enrolled in the collaborative MBA program through CMU are eligible to apply for a bursary ($1,000/semester). To apply, download the Scholarship/Bursary Application Form and submit your completed application by April 30. If you have questions, please contact the CMU's Financial and Student Services Advisor at

Employer Assistance
An increasing number of employers provide educational assistance benefits to their employees. Students should check to see if their employer provides educational assistance. Students will need to notify their school's financial aid office of any employer assistance that they receive.

Tuition Tax Credits
Canadian students that enroll through CMU will pay all fees through CMU, and will receive in February the form T2202A (Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts Certificate) that can be used to claim federal and provincial non-refundable tax credits.

Each province uses different tax rates and the amount of credits you can claim based on your T2202A varies by province; prospective students should check their provincial tax forms to find out what amounts they would be able to claim.

Government Student Loans
Canadian students are eligible to apply for student loans. Student loan applications open in June for the fall and winter semesters. You must apply to the province of your permanent residence. Go to and follow the links to your province.

For more information, contact CMU's Financial and Student Services Advisor at

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