Master of Business Administration

Programs and Requirements

The blended course format consists of two on-site courses and courses taken one at a time that use both synchronous and asynchronous methods. The courses run for six weeks long and are offered Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM EST. Course sequence and instructors are subject to change.

Fall 2019 Cohort

(Cohort #6) program schedule beginning August 8, 2019 (PDF)

Students enrolling in the collaborative MBA through CMU can choose to participate via the online stream or the residential stream.

Admission Requirements

A four-year baccalaureate degree from a recognized university or college with a minimum GPA of 3.0 ('B'). For full admission requirements, see the Admissions Requirements and Deadlines page.

Residential Stream

Students in the residential stream will live in Winnipeg, attend all classes in a classroom on CMU's campus and will connect to the collaborative MBA classrooms via synchronous online videoconferencing. In addition to the courses offered in the collaborative stream, students in the residential program will complete two non-credit seminar courses, which will add to the academic depth of the program and will broaden the student's knowledge of research and writing.

Students enrolled through the residential stream:

  • Will have additional research and public presentation opportunities through seminar courses;
  • Will regularly connect in-person with other students in the program;
  • Have the opportunity to connect with students, faculty and staff in other CMU programs;
  • Are able to participate in CMU campus life and events.

International students coming to Canada on a study permit are required to enroll in the residential stream.


Online Stream

Students enrolled through the online stream will participate in the courses primarily through the use of synchronous online videoconferencing technology with complementary asynchronous learning activities. Students may participate via the online stream from home, wherever that may be, or while travelling.

Students enrolled through the online stream:

  • Don't need to relocate to continue their education;
  • Have the flexibility to take courses even while travelling.

Students in both the online and residential streams will begin the program with a North American on-site course and will participate in a one-week international on-site course during the program.


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