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Peace & Conflict Transformation Studies

Studying Peace & Conflict Transformation Studies (PACTS) at CMU will help you gain perspective and an understanding of the nature and dynamics of human conflict. Consider alternative ways of dealing with conflict that develop healthy relationships and prevent violence.

Study topics like trauma healing, peace psychology,  cultures of violence, restorative justice, nonviolent action, creative arts approaches to social change, decolonizing approaches, faith-based peacebuilding, social justice, ecological peacebuilding, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

The PACTS program at CMU will prepare you to understand and interact constructively in response to personal, local, and global conflict situations.

PACTS grads are concerned about the world around them and are passionate about transforming conflict situations.
Small class sizes at CMU facilitate working in close clollaboration with fellow students and faculty who are passionate about peace and conflict transformation.
A PACTS degree can prepare you for work in a variety of different fields.
Studying PACTS at CMU will enable students to develop an understanding of the roots and nature of conflict, violence, and peace.

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