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Peace & Conflict Transformation Studies

Faculty & Staff

The Peace & Conflict Transformation Studies (PACTS) program includes faculty from 12 different academic disciplines, making our explorations of conflict, peace, and justice truly inter-disciplinary.

PACTS Department Faculty

Wendy Kroeker

Wendy Kroeker
PACTS Program Advisor
Instructor in Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies

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Contact Wendy: wkroeker:@:cmu.ca or 204-487-3300, ext. 329


PACTS Associated Faculty from 12 Academic Disciplines

Note: The Canadian Mennonite University Shaftesbury Campus has tried a bold experiment of the whole university committing to peace and justice as core marks of identity and mission. Peace and justice is not a department concern of a few but a unique distinguishing characteristic of the whole university. Therefore, as well as discipline-specific courses on peace and conflict, faculty from across the university teach courses which count towards the PACTS program. These faculty include:

Biblical and Theology Studies
Business and Organizational Administration Studies
Communications and Media
International Development Studies

Past Visiting Canadian School of Peacebuilding Teaching Faculty

Every  year in June CMU's Canadian School of Peacebuilding invites peacebuilders from around the world to teach courses on peace, development, and justice. These courses can be taken for academic credit or professional development. Past instructors include (in aphabetical order):

  • Mubarak Awad
  • Babu Ayindo
  • John Bell
  • Mark Burch
  • Cathy Campbell
  • Stuart Clark
  • David Dyck
  • Martin Entz
  • Elaine Enns
  • Marc Gopin
  • Harry Huebner
  • Ouyporn Khuankaew
  • George Lakey
  • Michelle LeBaron
  • Stan McKay
  • Maxine Matilpi
  • Ivo Markovic
  • Piet Meiring
  • Ovide Mercredi
  • Sophia Murphy

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