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Why CMU?

As mentioned in the introduction, our approach to Philosophy at CMU is highly textual, historical, and interactive with other disciplines, taking a frequent view of philosophy as literature and vice versa.  Of special interest in this respect is how Philosophy relates to that peculiar way of life called church.

Our small class sizes and exceptional professors jointly foster a seminar-style class environment; significant emphasis is placed on student participation in discussion, active listening, and constructive peer criticism. As usual, CMU philosophy program features a demaning writing element.

All of these factors--rigorous academics, emphasis on communication skill, good classroom synergy, and an interdisciplinary approach--combine to equip CMU's philosophy students for exceptional effectiveness in post graduate study and any numer of careers.

Students of CMU's Philosophy program emerge excellent readers and analyzers of texts, able to spot hidden assumptions and subtle flaws in arguments. They are able to see many different sides of an issue and to exercise empathy. They are detail oriented, perceptive of subtlety, able to break down complex ideas into simple, understandable bites for others, without becoming simplistic; they can communicate without jargon.  

All in all, CMU's philosophy program cultivates students who are attentive, articulate, critical, self-critical, and persuasive, exemplifying “a loving commitment to living the examined life.” 

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