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Political Studies

To be effective change-makers, it is important for citizens to understand how political institutions work, as well as the people, histories, and narratives that shape them. This is why your Political Studies at CMU will involve studying more than just governments, elections, and political parties. It will involve learning how to be good stewards of the earth, critical thinkers, engaged citizens, and effective change-makers that thoughtfully initiate action for peace and justice in your community.

At CMU, you will learn about the inner nature of governance institutions as multi-faceted communication and policy-making networks, involving governments and community stakeholders at home and around the world. How do these stakeholders interact? What role does government play in meeting the needs of the people? What role do non-profits, faith-based institutions, businesses, and other organizations play in governance? 

If want to know more about any of this—if you want to learn about what makes a law-maker, a game-changer, a good citizen, or an effective protest, consider taking Political Studies at CMU.

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