Studies in psychology serve to promote positive individual functioning and foster insights critical to understanding and interacting with others. In Psychology, we explore theories and research relevant to questions of culture, gender, learning, cognitive and emotional development, interpersonal relationships, and communication. Psychology students are invited to explore these parts of the human experience and their physiological underpinnings.

Studies in Psychology offers students a more thorough understanding of themselves and others, by encouraging students to bring their beliefs and worldviews into the classroom. At CMU, the Psychology program offers opportunities to consider critically various points of contact between psychology and faith.

While a psychology degree is a strong launching point for a variety of careers, it is also a practical degree that can be used in everyday life.
Completing your psychology degree at CMU means getting personal support from your professors, an emphasis on practical learning, and  an integration of psychology with other programs of study.
Some psychology grads put their skills to work directly out of CMU. They are employed by school divisions, work in trauma and crisis centers, act as child behaviour consultants, serve in community ministry, and a variety of other professions.
A psychology degree from CMU explores psychological theory and research relevant to questions of culture, gender, effective learning and thinking, brain processes in learning, cognitive and emotional development, and interpersonal relationships and communication.

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