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Why Major in Psychology

Psychology is the science that invites our curiosity about our ordinary and extraordinary behavior.

The study of psychology tends to attract students who are empathic, good listeners, and driven to understand why we behave the way we do. They want to know how to improve their own functioning, and be of help to those around them.

But psychology is more than just helping people through problems. It involves understanding ourselves: our physiology (brains), our relationships, our culture—all aspects of our mind and behaviour.

Whereas a psychology degree is a strong launching point for a variety of careers, it is also a practical degree that can be of great benefit in everyday life. Psychological concepts can be applied to areas such as strengthening relationships, gaining self-awareness, and creating dynamic and healthy workplaces.

During your studies in Psychology at CMU, you will collaborate with peers to hone your skills in the art and science of psychology. You will learn about counseling techniques and research methods, and discover how psychologists work to foster positive social change in our world.

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