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Why CMU?

Why CMU?

Science at CMU aims to spark the imagination and curiosity of our students, and inspire an infectious passion for science and compassion for the world. In today's world, credentials are not enough—a CMU BSc provides the well-rounded foundation that will inspire and equip our future scientists to make a positive difference in the world. That foundation will have two piers: scientific depth and interdisciplinary breadth.

Within the sciences, students will develop rich expertise and mastery, in a supportive learning community. Guided by nurturing PhD professors who are active researchers in their own fields, students will gain hands-on experience in the process of scientific inquiry. Trained to be creative, lateral thinkers, they will be resilient and adaptable as advances in theory and technology change how science is performed.

Students graduating with a CMU BSc will also have a broad interdisciplinary base, able to see the beauty and complexity of the world from within and outside the expanse of the natural sciences. They will be critical thinkers, trained in diverse ways of thinking and knowing. Communication skills developed at CMU will enable them to bridge gaps to other fields, and be understood by scientists and non-scientists alike. Students of science at CMU will be encouraged to draw connections across fields of study, and to consider the implications of their lessons far outside the lab.

CMU is also proud to offer a hands-on learning experience to each of our science students. Our small class sizes provide a rigorous, supportive, and creative learning environment.

We have also recently developed new scholarships for science students, including the Richard Penner Arts and Science Scholarship, valued at $2,000.

CMU offers all the science courses you need to complete your pre-professional studies for entrance into programs such as nursing, medicine, physiotherapy, and others. All of our science courses are fully transferrable for credit at other universities, and many CMU science students have already gone on to obtain excellent internship placements and professional careers across Canada.

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