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Scholarships: Richard Penner Arts and Science Scholarship

The Richard Penner Arts and Science Scholarship is for a returning student focusing on the interplay of Science and Faith.

This $2,000 scholarship will be given to a returning student who has achieved a GPA of 3.8 or higher ($1,000 of the award for Academic Excellence Scholarship) and has submitted an essay in which they reflect on the interplay of science and faith (the additional $1,000 for the essay portion of the award).  The recipient will be selected on the basis of their overall GPA, the quality of the reflective essay and the breadth of the academic program in terms of science, theology, BTS, Humanities, and Social Sciences study and integration.

Application forms must be submitted by April 30 to be eligible.


Applicable Forms

NOTE: Please download forms to your computer and open/complete the form using Adobe Reader. Opening and completing the form from within your browser or Mac Preview will not save the data you enter.

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