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Tuition & Fees (2019-20)


International student tuition rates, effective September 2020, are presently under review. New rates, along with application details regarding bursary and scholarship opportunities, will be published by Friday, October 11, 2019.

At CMU every effort is made to make your education here financially possible.

At least 50% of our student body each year receive financial aid. Our many scholarships, awards, and bursaries are listed here.

We also have a financial services advisor willing to answer questions or meet with you to discuss money matters. 

To study at CMU for a year, a full-time (24 credit hours/8 courses) Canadian student living in the dorm and using the full meal plan can expect to pay about $13,000 for the two semesters of studies at CMU. (Prices are in Canadian dollars.) 

An international student (including U.S.) taking full-time (24 credit hours) courses, living in dorm, and using the full meal plan can expect to pay about $16,000 (Canadian dollars).

International tuition payments should be made to CMU using Flywire. You can click the button below to begin the process:


The outline below gives a general idea of the breakdown in costs for one year, as a full-time (24 credit hours) Canadian student. International fees only differ in tuition cost.

How much your education at CMU will cost depends on your own specific situation. The variables include:

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