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Redekop School of Business

The RSB Co-operative Education Program

CMU&'s Redekop School of Business launched its Co-operative Education Program in 2011. The program was designed to prepare our students to be inspired and competent business leaders.

The RSB Co-operative Education Program provides individuals with the opportunity to grow in the knowledge the skills and the experience needed to succeed in the workplace. The program enables students to integrate academic studies with on-the-job experiential learning.

As students cycle through semesters of academic study they are invited to critically reflect in order to better apply their studies to their work placement, which will help shape their worldview, and develop character in preparation for the marketplace and roles of leadership.

The RSB Co-operative Education Program can be completed in five years or less, and includes eight academic terms and six co-op work terms.

Distinct in the Manitoba Marketplace

CMU offers a distinctive and unique business program, with more work experience than in similar programs in Manitoba. Students spend more time in an experiential learning context, gaining relevant work experience, skills development, culture awareness, and the ability to earn money to pay for their education. Students benefit from these work placements, giving them an advantage when entering the work force prepared for a career in business upon graduation. In addition, students learn in a Christian environment where ethics and Biblical principles are at the foundation of learning.

Canadian Association for Co-operative Education (CAFCE)

CMU is a member of CAFCE, the voice for post-secondary Co-operative Education in Canada with a mission is to foster and advance post-secondary Co-operative Education in Canada.

CAFCE's Definition of a Co-operative Education Program

"Co-operative Education Program" means a program which alternates periods of academic study with periods of work experience in appropriate fields of business, industry, government, social services and the professions in accordance with the following criteria:

Approved by the Province of Manitoba

The Redekop School of Business Co-operative Education Program is approved by the Province of Manitoba for purposes of the Co-op student hiring incentive and the Co-op graduate hiring incentive under Section 10.1 of The Income Tax Act (Manitoba).

More information the provincial incentives is available here.

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