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ChristianWeek Symposium keynote videos available to be shared (videos)

The ChristianWeek Symposium on May 2-3, 2019 brought together Christian faith-based journalists from across Canada. Participants included members of the Canadian Church Press and the Anglican Editors Association along with others. CMU was very pleased to host this thoughtful and inspiring event!  

Please feel free to share the Tribute and Symposium keynote addresses.  


Thursday, May 2 | Tribute
"ChristianWeek Tribute and Founder's Response"

Doug Koop, former editor and Harold Jantz, founder


Thursday, May 2 | Opening Keynote
"Legacies and Learnings: Considering the Past, Present and Future of Faith-based Media in Canada"
Lorna Dueck
, CEO of Crossroads Christian Communications and host of the TV show Context with Lorna Dueck


Friday, May 3 | Plenary Session
"The Curious Case of ChristianWeek: A Brief History of a Medium that Mattered"
Gerry Bowler
, former professor of history at the University of Manitoba and chronicler of the way Christianity intersects with popular culture


Friday, May 3 | Plenary Session
"None of the Above: Having No Religion"
Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme,  
Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Waterloo, and author, with Joel Thiessen, Professor of Sociology, Ambrose University of the forthcoming book None of the Above: Having No Religion in Canada and the U.S.

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