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About Portable CMU

CMU's Portables, offered through The CMU Centre for Faith and Life, are intended to nurture the vocation of the church. Through them CMU is committed to resource congregations as they seek to strengthen their witness and mission.

We encourage congregations to consider a Portable structure that works best in their setting, and to explore whether collaboration with other congregations, neighbours, or church or community agencies might promote a unique, larger learning opportunity

In considering their needs and interests, it is critical that the Portable instructor be consulted in order to clarify their availability to lead various options.

Options for Booking a Portable Course

  1. Three or Four Session Portables (available across Canada; Cost $400)
    1. Weekend Focus  Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning (3-4 sessions)
    2. Retreat Focus – Friday evening and Saturday or all day Saturday, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (3–4 sessions)
    3. Sunday Focus – Sunday sermon, adult education session, potluck lunch with presentation, evening session (3-4 sessions)
  2. Three Adult Education Class Portables (available in Manitoba; Cost $300)
    1. Three Adult Sunday School classes on subsequent Sundays
  3. One or Two Session Portables (available in Manitoba; Cost $125 for 1 Session; $200 for 2 sessions)
    1. Adult Education – One or two adult education classes on separate Sundays
    2. Sermon – A sermon focused on one aspect of a particular theme

Portable Costs

For further information or to make a reservation, please contact:

Hilda Nikkel
Canadian Mennonite University
Phone: 204.487.3300
Toll-free: 877.231.4570
Fax: 204.487.3858

Please call early to make a booking since some offerings will be in high demand. We welcome bookings both by individual congregations and by two or more congregations working together.


Portable CMU Courses (2018-19)

Believers in every time and context wrestle with how to be faithful to their Christian commitment. Portables, offered by CMU faculty and community members, afford congregations the opportunity to engage with their own questions of faithfulness. Portables reflect the commitment of faculty to resource the church with the goal of enriching the imagination, faith, and life of congregations.

Discover the Bible

     Engaging the Bible
     The World of the Bible

Understand the Church's Story  

Being the Church in our Time

     Living Ethically
     Church Rituals and Practices
     Living our Faith
     At the Intersection of Faith and Life


CMU's Mission Statement

Canadian Mennonite University is an innovative Christian university, rooted in the Anabaptist faith tradition, moved and transformed by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Through teaching, research and service CMU inspires and equips women and men for lives of service, leadership and reconciliation in church and society.

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