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Gerhard Lohrenz Publication Fund

The Gerhard Lohrenz Publication Fund was established in the will of Gerhard Lohrenz in order to promote and assist the publication of manuscripts dealing with Mennonite life. In the will special attention is drawn to "recollections, autobiographies, and novels dealing with the Mennonite people or with studies of some phase of the history of the Mennonite people". The broad categories considered by the committee that administers the fund include memoirs, biography, literature, and history. Priority is given to manuscripts coming from within or focusing on the Canadian Mennonite story.

The Gerhard Lohrenz Publication Fund Committee administers the fund. It consists of members appointed by Canadian Mennonite University as well as one member appointed by Mennonite Church Canada.

Grants from the fund are available for publication costs, but not for research or writing expenses. In keeping with Gerhard Lohrenz's interest in retaining, or even increasing the original principal of the fund, grant recipients are invited to donate to the fund.


Application Process

The Gerhard Lohrenz Publication Fund Committee welcomes applications for grants to support the publication of manuscripts that fit the mandate of the fund.

Please submit a prospectus, along with the application form, to initiate the application process.

The prospectus should provide:

  • Description of the work (main argument, aim, scope, methodology, and description of each chapter, as well as anticipated number of pages, format, size, and type of binding)
  • Table of contents
  • Statement outlining how the manuscript fits the mandate of the fund
  • Biographical statement from the author
  • Sample chapters (if available)

Based on the application and the prospectus submitted, the Gerhard Lohrenz Publication Fund Committee will make a decision to conditionally accept or decline the application for a grant. If the application is conditionally accepted, the applicant has five (5) years to submit a completed manuscript for final approval. Manuscripts will be evaluated for their general appeal, their literary excellence and content, and their potential contribution to the understanding of Mennonite life and history.

The application process can also be begun with the submission of a completed manuscript, along with an application form.

Applications are dealt with in a timely manner and are to be submitted to the chair of the Gerhard Lohrenz Publication Fund Committee.

Gerhard Lohrenz Publication Fund Application Form

Grant Payment

Grants to successful applicants are paid after the completed manuscript has been approved by the Gerhard Lohrenz Publication Fund Committee and a copy of the printing bill has been submitted.

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