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"Scholarships are so much more than just a basis for financial support. They are a source of hope and confidence. Some generous person is showing they believe in you through their willingness to help you on your journey."                  – Lacey Siemens


You can become part of the network of generosity that supports students through scholarships and bursaries at CMU. Approximately 50% of students at CMU receive awards for excellence or financial need.

The tradition of tangible support that enables CMU students to access transformative Christian education goes back decades. Many generous donors established student aid awards at the predecessor colleges of CMU: MBBC/Concord College, CMBC, and Menno Simons College. Some gifts were given in the memory of a loved one. Others were given anonymously by someone who themselves had faced difficulties financing their education and were helped by an award.

This amazing tradition continues.

Meet the Donors

You can find a list of the awards set up by donors by clicking here. The number of named an anonymous awards that give annual support to students has grown to more than 140.

Do you want to set up a student award?

If you would like to set up a named or anonymous student award, we would be happy to speak with you about your hopes and dreams for your gift. Please contact or call 204.487.3300.

Options for funding a student award include:

Giving to an award at CMU is a sign of hope for the future. Your investment in students shaped by CMU will return significant impact for the community and the church.

For Churches

Churches may wish to establish an award program to support students who attend CMU from their congregation. Funds from congregations for students are matched by CMU's matching grant program, up to $500 annually.

"It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the years I have spent at CMU have been an incredible experience for me. I felt very welcome since the first day here. Studying in Canada has been my dream throughout my high school years, but it would have never been possible without the help of generous donors like you."
Masimo Picaku

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