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Current CMU students are invited to purchase and engrave a Bridge Tile and in the process support the completion of fundraising for Marpeck Commons!

Student Impact: Marpeck Commons offers CMU students an amazing array of research supports; individual and group study spaces; a campus hub for meeting others, alongside folio café and CommonWord (in addition to a safe and warm passage across Grant Avenue!). It's been an amazing addition for our campus.

Fundraising to Date: As of February 1, 2016, $12.4M has been raised from a total project cost of $14.4M.

Buy a Tile: While CMU Alumni and friends purchase engraved tiles for $500 each, present CMU students can also be part of this project for just $250 – and leave a small legacy with their own engraved bridge tile.

Individual or Group: Students can purchase a Bridge Tile as an individual or group for $250, engraved with their name(s) or in honour or memory of a loved one. Each tile can have a maximum of 40 characters, including spaces. Pay in one lump sum or as a three-year (36 months) instalment plan of $7.00/month (yes that's less than 2 folio café lattes/month!) – payable using credit card, Paypal, or automatic bank transfer.

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