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Ecclesiology and Ethnography Conference 2018

Open To The Public

  • The Opening Plenary with guest speaker Rev. Dr. Christopher Brittain, Dean of Divinity, Trinity College, University of Toronto is open to conference goers and the general public.
  • Wednesday, June 6
    7:30 PM
    St. John's College at the University of Manitoba

June 6–8, 2018 in Winnipeg, MB

Scholars across the qualitative social sciences and humanities, it is a pleasure to welcome you to the inaugural Canadian Conference on Ecclesiology and Ethnography. We anticipate a breadth of papers that will explore the dynamic relationship between the theological and the lived in ecclesiology by means of qualitative methodologies—that is ethnography broadly understood.

This conference seeks to draw together academics, students, and practitioners who are, or are interested in, working with theological approaches to qualitative research, or qualitative research in conversation with theology, concerning the Church and/or churchly practice (ministry—youth, emerging adult, etc, new forms of church, liturgics, congregational music, congregational studies, lived theology, lived religion, and more). It is a wide-ranging conference allowing for a diversity of projects and papers broadly connected to ecclesiology and ethnography.

Our aim is to be a generative space that encourages research, engaged with the Church and a quality place for, scholars, graduate students (postgraduates), upper level undergraduates, professors and instructors, and ministerial practitioners to present research and work in progress. Learning and research will be generously shared among participants and questions and responses to papers are for the benefit of discussion and work presented.

See the full conference schedule here.

Organizing Committee

John Berard (PhD Cand., Durham University)

Irma Fast Dueck (PhD, Associate Professor of Practical Theology, CMU)

Jonathan Dueck (PhD, Academic Dean; Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, CMU)

Andrew Dyck (PhD, Assistant Professor of Ministry Studies, CMU)

Peter Epp (MA, Instructor of Practicum, CMU)

Rodney Reynar (PhD, Instructor in Social Sciences, CMU)

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