Compiled by Gordon Matties

Canadian Mennonite University

Updated April 25, 2002


Bibliographies and other Resources on the Integration of Faith and Learning

                           A Bibliography We Canít Live Without, by Brian Walsh and Richard Middleton, updated by Ian Ritchie. Another version of this has been edited by Walsh with John Bowen, Gordon Carkner, and Don Posterski, available at the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship website (that link isnít working at the moment).

                           Steven Bouma-Predigerís Faith and Learning Bibliography

                           The Faith & Learning Network. The Institute for Christian Studies Gateway to Global Christian Scholarship.

                           Faith & Scholarship: A General Bibliography for Christian Academics by Jonathan Boyd. From InterVaristyís Graduate & Faculty Ministries.

                           Bibliographies by Discipline, by John Thompston at Waynesburg College, adapted from the CCCU bibliographies above.

                           Academic Integration, Christian Leadership Ministries

                           The Integration of Faith and Learning: A Basic Bibliography, by David S. Dockery

                           Integration of Faith and Scholarship, by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Updated 1999.

                           A Bibliography on Christian Higher Education. Baylor Institute for Faith and Learning.

                           A Bibliography for Christian Women in the Academy, by Lisa Sung & Donna Laird.


Links to Other Useful Sites

                           Christianity and Science Links at the Books & Culture Website (dozens of links from all perspectives represented here)

                           The Council for Christian Colleges and Universites: for links to helpful resources and professional organizations.

                           Integration of Psychology & Theology, by Alvin Dueck at Fuller Theological Seminary

                           Links at Baylor Universityís Institute for Faith and Learning


Online Articles

                           Faith-Learning Integration: An Overview. In this essay, William Hasker attempts to map the territory between broadly global and narrowly disciplinary discussions of the integration of faith and learning. After discussing the nature of and necessity for such integration, he evaluates several strategies for integration. He concludes by outlining dimensions of faith-learning integration in both the theoretical and applied disciplines. Mr. Hasker teaches philosophy at Huntington College. See also the concise overview of the article at Azuza Pacific Universityís site

    Two short pieces by Gordon Matties (Canadian Mennonite University):

Integration: My Pursuit of Coherence and Conviction in Christian University Education

Nurturing the Mind, Minding the Heart, Mending the World: Education as a Renewing Activity

                           Book Summary Notes by Dr. David Fraser (Eastern College) on David Gillís The Opening of the Christian Mind: Taking Every Thought Captive to Christ (InterVarsity, 1989).

                           Spiritual formation in the Academy: A Unifying Model, by Gordon T. Smith, Regent College.

                           Christian + University = ? , by Brian Walsh

                           Education for Homelessness or Homemaking: The Christian College in a Postmodern Culture, by Brian Walsh

                           The Integration of Faith and Learning, by Robert Harris


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