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Information for Nominator: CMU's Leadership and Merit Scholarships recognize students who demonstrate significant academic excellence, personal character, service, vision and if applying for the Leadership Scholarship demonstrate leadership skills and potential. Each year CMU recognizes such students by awarding four Leadership Scholarships (maximum value, $14 000, $3500 per year up to four years) and up to 19 Merit Awards for academics, business, music, athletics, and first year pre-nursing.

Students are expected to solicit two nomination forms for the Leadership Scholarship and one nomination form for the Merit Awards that give reasons why they should be considered for the award they are apply for.

Please submit this form no later than February 28 naming the student that you are nominating.

If you would like more information about CMU or have questions regarding this nomination, contact CMU Enrolment toll free at 1.877.231.4570, locally at 204.487.3300, or email

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