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Scholarships: Athletic Awards

CMU recognizes students gifted in athletics by offering nine Athletic Merit Awards (maximum value $4000; $1000 per year up to four years) on the basis of athletic ability.

Students who would like to be considered for these Athletic Merit Awards must apply to CMU, be conditionally admitted, and be invited to join a CMU sports team. Coaches, together with the CMU Athletics Director and CMU Awards committee, will choose and award the Athletic Merit Awards each year.

To be eligible for an athletic scholarship and and try out for a CMU sports team, fill out a "recruit me" form, attend a CMU Sports ID camp, invite a coach to see you play, or submit a video of a recent game you participated in.

It is expected that first year students receiving the Athletic Merit Award will participate in sports activities at CMU and maintain a GPA of 2.0.

These Athletic Awards are renewable for 3 additional years.

These awards are offered through the CMU Athletics department.  If you wish to be considered, please contact the Athletics Director, Russell Willms at



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